Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Let's sing songs!

When you click on the picture, you can sing and dance the song:


Don't print. Tomorrow I will give you a photocopy.

Review the days of the week singing this song:

"Days of the week"

Don't forget : "CLICK ON THE PICTURE"


Yumara V.R. 5ºA said...

Hello teacher,is Yumara 5ºA.
The dance is fantastic and the days on the week is excelent.
Bye Bye.

Zuleima Azahara said...

Hello teacher, that this correct am Zuleima Azahara Song day of the week I busta much fun t is very happy not write more because I am going to study language and íngles goodbye

carlos y kevin de quinto said...

ola somos kevin y carlos de quinto y quiero decirles que la canciones de ingles son muy divertidas y sobre todo la profesora es muy generosa

Anonymous said...

Hello teacher. I am Fátima from 5º A. This song is very interesting to learn the pronunciation of the days of the week. And I like very much the song in English.

Carla Suárez 6ºB said...

This one very well it of the days of the week because it often brings confusions.

Anonymous said...

Hello Yumara, Zuleima, Carlos, Kevin, Fátima and Carla Suárez. Thank you for your comments. Happy Easter!
From, Juani and Carmen Rosa