Saturday, 16 February 2008

Here Clifford! Story

Play tic-tac-toe and read the story.


carlos sanchez de 5B said...

ola soy carlos y digo que los dibujos de cliford son fantasticos
es lo que digo

Anonymous said...

Hello teacher, I am Zuleima Azahara, and today state íngles looking for new things and I put it in commentary, which may make it past you today, beam had a good day and all those things, I really like this page because you have new things, they are well on the three new games over those three I think is the most simpatico Here Clifford.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Teachers. I like very much this blog. I was playing and visiting other places. Congratulations.

Yumara 5ºA said...

Hello teacher,i like the story Clifford and the sing Yelow Submari is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Hello Carlos Sánchez, Zuleima and Yumara! Thank you for your comments. These activities help you to learn more English.
From, Juani and Carmen Rosa

Melisa de 5ºA. said...

Hola seño,te escribo desde la casa de una amiga y me gustó el juego de cruzar el río y los vídeos de la paz... Te deseo feliz verano,un beso muy grande de tu alumna de 5ºA,Melisa.


Juani and Carmen Rosa said...

Hello Melisa!
Thanks for your comment.
Happy summer holidays!