Saturday, 16 February 2008

If you're happy Song

Sing and dance the song :
"If you're happy"


Anonymous said...

Hello teacher, I am Zuleima Azahara.
Today state and looking for new words in this comment the will, such that these today, what do you well past today ....
This page seems to me funny because whenever I came to play new things, and thus continues to this page will be the best.
Professor if you can put some metela song.
Goodbye and congratulations on the page.

Yumara V.R. 5ºA said...

Hello teacher,I like the blog.
The sing Its very happy is very very divet and the story the Cliford is very entretenid and interest.

Zuleima Azahara said...

Hello teacher, I am Zuleima Azahara, such as today, but today I also seeking state and words.
The game clock before that did not work and it works it works and saves this super fun and I love the song Happy tambiénme love when I was little girl was my favorite.
Well that is it for today goodbye goodby.

Anonymous said...

Hello Yumara and Zuleima. Tahnk you for your comments. Happy Easter!
From, Juani and Carmen Rosa

Anonymous said...

Hola seño soy Leticia de 3ªB esa cancion es de cuando yo era chica que l cantabamos en ingles esa era una dems preferidas.Adios.