Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Hangman learn

Paly to hangman learn : SHOPS


Yumara V.R. 5ºA said...

Hello teacher,the hangman learn is very divert and fantastic.
I like the blog Juani.

Zuleima Azahara 5ºA said...

Hello teacher that it's Zuleima Azahara.
This game I find very fun, and entertaining.
I have been watching the games, and anteriora especially, bustado me that much.
Actually it's a little difficult, the words the passage through the hair.
Well I will continue watching.
Goodbye, goodbye .....

Anonymous said...

Hello Yumara and Zuleima! Thank you for your comments. Happy Easter!
From Juani and Carmen Rosa

Raul Teran 4º said...

hello i`m raul this game it`s very funny i love this game

4º teran said...

Hello I'm Carmen. I study in Teran. I like this game very much.El ahorcado en ingles tambien lo practicamos en clase.
BYE BYE Carmen.

4º teran said...

Hello!!! I'm Marisa, the English teacher in Terán. My pupils are very happy with this page and they like playing the games. Congratulations for your blog and your hard work. It's very interesting and motivates our pupils a lot.
See you.