Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Numbers from 1 to 20


Anonymous said...

Hello teachers, this game is very funny.
From Javier D.H. 6ºB

Zuleima Azahara 5ºA said...

Hello teacher is very well put that haci because I can remember the numbers occasionally.

Anonymous said...

Hello Javier and Zuleima! Thank you for comments. Happy Easter!
From Juani and Carmen Rosa

Margarita and Nazaret said...

Hi teachers !!!
Good morning!!
On the game it´s very very difficult.
Froom:Nazaret and Margarita 6ºA

Iriome and Sheila, 6ºA said...

Hello Rosi!
We Iriome and Sheila of 6ºA.
We don't this game because it's very easy.
It's a joke.
Ja ja ja!
See you later.