Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Parts of the body

The body

Click on the pictures and play.


Yumara V.R. 5ºA said...

Hello,the body is entretenid and numbers ordinal very good.
BYE BYE Juani.

Yumara V.R. 5ºA said...

Sorry Juani,the ordinal numbers.

carlos sanchez de 5B said...

ola juani soy carlos y digo que lo numeros ordinales son facìles si estudias para mi es facìl y para ti entodavìa màs

Carla Suárez Medina 6ºB said...

This one very well it of remembering the vocabulary is very practical at the moment of having some doubt.

Anonymous said...

Hello Yumara, Carlos Sánchez and Carla Suárez. Thank you for your comments. Happy Easter!
From Juani and Carmen Rosa