Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Listen and choose the correct picture.


Alessandra 5ªA said...

Hello,the game is funny,entretenid y es gracioso,los juegos son muy divertidos aunque algunos mas que otros.

Anonymous said...

Hello teachers, this game is very funny and easy. I like it very much. See you!
Javier D.H. 6ºB

Anonymous said...

hello Alessandra and Javier! Thank you for your comments. Happy Easter!
From Juani and Carmen Rosa

Zuleima Azahara de 5ºA said...

Hello! teacher´s that these may, this game is funny, interesting, wonderful and grateful.
One of the most amusing is on this page.
This game should have at least if the maximum is 10, 10 post because it is one of the most fun.
I do not know if this comment as I am doing well, but it is that I am trying.
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Hací I hope yes.

Good afternoon.