Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Frog Prince Story

Click on the picture.

Then listen to the story.


zuleima azahara navarro de 5ºa said...

hello I am Zuleima Azahara looks the story this super pretty and the actvities are very entertained this is every by by to young lady help me a little the dictionary

Alessandra said...

Hello,the history is funny and entretenid.

veronica said...

I am very delighted to my story my part I liked most was that when the prince was talking to the princess in the lake palace of a greeting veronica 5ºa

Yumara V.R. 5ºA said...

Hello,the story is entretenid and fantastic.
I like the story.
Bye Bye.

Anonymous said...

Hello Zuleima, Alessandra, Verónica and Yumara! Listening and reading stories is very important to learn English. Congratulations!
From, Juani and Carmen Rosa