Saturday, 12 April 2014

Happy Easter!


Juani and Carmen Rosa said...

Happy Easter, children!
Have a great week!

Alejandra 5thA said...

hello teachers!

I like this game is very funny and easy.

Happy Easter!!


María 5thA said...

hello teachears
i like this game
bye bye

Maria 2ºnd said...

Hello teacher like this game.

bye bye.

Álvaro 5ºB said...

Hllo teachers I like this game.Is a game no?

michelle 5thA said...

hello teacher.I like this game,
is very funny.

bye bye

Patricia 6ºA said...

Hello teachers me gusto este video.

Alejandro Cardona 5ºA said...

Hello teachers I like this puzzle

Carla Sánchez 3rd A said...

Hello teachers!!!
Happy easter!


Irene 4THA said...

I like this game