Thursday, 24 April 2014

Question Words


Irene 4THA said...

I like this game

Alejandra 5thA said...

Hello teachers!!

I like this game. Is very funny and easy.
My score is 10 points!

See you on Monday

Veronica 5th A said...

Hello teacher!
I like this game.
My score is 9.

saul 5b said...

Hello teacher
I like this game.
My score is 10. IS VERY EASY.


joel 4b said...

Hello teacher,

I got 8 points.


Daniel Gil 5º A said...

hello teacher my note is 10

MARÍA 5THA said...

Hello teachears !
My score is 6
Bye bye

halima said...

hello teacher!
my score is 8
Is very easy

Aileen 5thb said...

Hello teacher
my score is 10
is easy
see you on monday
bye bye

Maria 2ºnd said...

Hello teacher l like this game.

bye bye.

Claudia 5ºA said...

Hello teachers i like the activity and my score is 10.


Daniela 4ºb said...

Hello teacher.El juego era un poco dificil,pero he sacado 8 point´s...

michelle 5thA said...

hello teacher la tarea ya la hice

bye bye.

Alejandro 5ºA said...

hello teachers i like tis game my score is 9

Jose maria5B said...

Hello teachers my score is 6

bye bye

Valeria 5ºA said...

hello teachers

my score is 9

Yaneisy 4thA said...

Hello teacher,I like the activity

Daniel 5-B said...

Hello Teacher

Finish the task


talia said...

Hello I like question bye bye

Lucia 3rdA said...

Hello teachers!
I like questions.

Anonymous said...

Ángel Santana 4ºA

Hello teacher, this game is very fun.

My score is 10 points.

Anonymous said...

Bello muy score es 10 points
Eva 4a

Daniel Marrero .H. said...

Hello teacher

My score is 8 points.

Daniel Marrero Hernández no "Anonimus".

Tennessee 4thA said...

Hello teacher minota fue un 8


omar 6A said...

hello. this game is easy

Lucia Quintana López said...

Hello teacher!
I like this game.