Friday, 31 May 2013

MoreThan Friends - Daddy Yankee

Requested by Claudia 4th A


Claudia 4ºA said...

hello teacher thank you teacher bye bye

juan miguel said...

me a gustado mucho este trabajo

Paula M.J 6ºA said...

Hello Seño liked me a song

Carla Sánchez 2ndA said...

Hello teachers!!!
Que guay.


yaneisy 3a said...

hello teacher¡I like the song


Aitana 6ºB said...

Hello teachers!

I love this song is beautiful is one of my favorite Daddy Yankee with Inna.

See you tomorrow!

Paola 4ºB said...

Hello teachers

I like the song

bey bey

elena 6ºb said...

hello teacher
i love it

yumara 4thA said...

Hello teachers:
i love this song.
See you tomorrow.

yumara 4thA said...

techer please put the this song
Summer Forever - Megan Nicole.

bye bye

juan miguel said...

hello teacher me a gustado mucho este ejercicio