Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Memory Game - Shapes


Ainhoa Lorenzo 2ndA said...

Hello teachers!
I like this game. It is easy.

Claudia 4 A said...

Bello teacher i like the game bye bye teacher

yaneisy 3a said...

hello teacher¡I like the game. bie teacher

alejandra 4thA said...

hello teachers!
I like this game is very funny and easy.
i do my homework. bye-bye
see you tomorrow

yumara 4thA said...

hello teachers

I´ve done all the homework.

Bye bye

Jonay4ºA said...

Hello teachers!
Ya e copiado el vocabulary.
Bye bye!

joel 3rdA said...

hello teacher i like the game.bye bye buye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye.

irene 3a. said...

hola profes me encanta este video.

Laura 4ºA y Ainara 3ºA said...

hello teachers!
we like the game,sigan poniendo juegos,videos,...por que nos encantan.

By:Laura 4thA and Ainara 3thA.

Nuria 6thB said...

Hello teacher!
It's very cool for the first cicle, and Infant Education.
I put this game in easy.
See you tomorrow!

Saul 4a said...

Hello teacher the
game is easy and funny.
But is un poco infantil

bye bye teacher

irene 3a hector inf. said...

hola profes nos encanta este video.

Irene 4tha. said...

I like the game.