Sunday, 23 April 2017

Gotta Keep Reading Song


Ainara Santana 6ºA said...

Hello teacher.
I like this song.
Bye bye.

PabloG 5B said...

Hello teacher I like this song.

Ivan 6A said...

Teacher!! ISBN means International Standar Book Number

Bye Bye

José Luis 6º A said...

Hello teacher.
I like this song, it's very funny.
Bye bye.

Marae said...

Hello teacher
ISBN mean Internacional Standar Book Number

ainhoa v 6a said...

hello tearcher el vidio esta bonito by

Winema said...

hello teacher
ISBN mean International Standar Book Number.
Bye Bye.
Espero que este comment te llegue.

Gabriel6A said...

Good afternoon teacher.
This video hooks you.
Is a good video
see you in class tomorrow.

Marta Garcia 6°B said...

ISBN=internacional standard book number

Yamiley 6°B said...

I love this song

Carla Torres Rey 6th-A said...

Hello teacher!

I like this song but it's a Little difficult.


Lucía Quintana López said...

Hello teacher!
I am study the song.

Alejandra 6a said...

Hello teachers...
I am study song.
Good bye.

Daniel y Iv´´an said...

Hello teacher !!
We could downland the audio of the song
GOtta keep Reading!!
bye bye teacher.