Tuesday, 29 March 2016

In Front Of, Behind, Between Prepositions Song


Lucía y Ainoha Armas 5thA UXUE 3rdB said...

Hello teachers!!!
I like this song.

ainara santana hernandez 5b y 6b said...

hello teachers i loke this song is very funny

ainara santana hernandez 5b y 6b

Ainara Santana 5ºA said...

Hello teacher.
I like this song.
Bye bye.

i said...

Hello teachers.

I like this song.

Is very very funny.

Maria Castellano 4thB said...

Hello teacher i like the song


Dahelire 6ªA said...

Hello teacher.

I like this song.


winema said...

it is funny

christian 6th said...

hello teacher i like song

Alejandra 5a said...

i like this song

Alvaro6A said...

Hello teachers I like is very funny.

bye bye

Carla Torres 5A said...

Hello Teachers!!
I like this song.
I have written the song!
See you tomorrow!

paula said...

hello teacher hay like video

Martina 4thB said...

hello teachers

Like the song but is very easy

bye bye

Yaneisy 6thA said...

Hello teachers!
I like the soong!

Paula said...

Hello teacher

I like the soong