Sunday, 10 May 2015

Word Order - Past Tense


María 6thB said...

Hello teachers!
I like this activity!

Irene 5THB said...

I like this activity.

Ainara Vega Barrameda 5thA. said...

Hello teachers!I like in play.

Bye , Bye .

Ainara Vega Barrameda 5thA.

Lucía Quintana López said...

Hello teachers!!!
I like the activity.

Joel 5ºA said...

Hello teachers.
I study with this activities.


Naiara 6thA said...

Hello teachers!
I like this actibity.
Is very funny and easy.

Good bye teachers.

Alejandra 6th A said...

hello teachers!!

I like this activity. It is very funny and easy.

Bye bye

See you tomorrow!!!

Yumara 6thA said...

Hello teachers!!
This activity is very easy.
Bye bye.

Claudia 6ºB said...

Hello Teachers!

I like this activity! Is very interesting to the control!

See you tomorrow!!

Diego 6thA said...

Hello Teacher !
I like this is very easy

Álvaro 5ºB said...

Hello teacher

The sentences are useful. We can learn a lot.

Bye bye