Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Concentration Game


Azahara 5ºB said...

Hello teacher i like this game is very easy and funny.


Irene 4THA. said...

I like the game.

Cristian Nuez 6thA said...

Hello teachers i like this game

Yaneisy 4thA said...

Hello teacher

I like this game and is very easy

Irene 4THA. said...

I lke the game.

Maria 2nd A said...

Hello teacher l like this game and is very easy.

Elena 6ºA said...

Hello teachers.
I like this game.

Kiara 5ºA said...

Hello teachers!!!
I like this game.
Bye Bye

Alejandra 5thA said...

hello teachers!
I like this game my point is 63160
see you tomorrow

Carlos G 5ºB said...

Hello teachers!!!!!!!!

I like the game.

See you tomorrow and bye- bye.