Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pumpkins, Witches and Ghosts Song



Irene y Yaneisy 4a. said...

I like the song.

michelle 5thA said...

hello teacher I like the song

Pablo 5ºA & Ana 1º said...

hello teachers.i like the song."Hasles una cara y haz un jack-o-lantern".Bye.

michelle 5thA said...

esto mas que una cancion normal
es una cancion de numeros pero me gusta

Alejandra 5thA said...

Hello teachers!

I like this
song, is very
funny and easy.


see you on Friday!

Verónica 5thA said...

hello teacher!
I like this video.

Azahara 5ºB said...

Hello teacher i like this song


claudia 5ºA said...

hello teachers i like the video bye bye

Kiara 5ºA said...

Hello teacher i like the video !
Bye Bye teacher tomorrow !

Kiara 5ºA said...

Hello Teacher!
I like this video.

Félix 5thA said...

Hello teachers

this song is very easy and funny


Kiara 5°A said...

Hello Teacher !
I like this video.
Bye, bye.