Saturday, 1 March 2014

Clown Masks, Made By Third Cycle


Juani and Carmen Rosa said...

Good job children!
Happy Carnival!

Nuria 5thB said...

Hello teachers!

I like all the masks.
Congratulations to all, because they have done very well.
See you to Monday.

María 5thA said...

hello teachears !
I like this video
bye bye

Maria Castellano 2nd A said...

Hello teacher l like this video

bye bye.

Marta 4thB said...

I like this game

Diana Attenery 4th B said...

Happy carnival friends!!!!

Ainara Santana 3º said...

Good job friends.

Lucia3rdA said...

Good job children!
Hand work.

Lucia3rdA said...

Congratulation children!

María 5thA said...

hello teachears !
I ñike this video
bye bye

kilian 6A said...

I like canival and video con gratulations
Theacher I like

Elena 6ºA said...

Hello teachers la palabra bow significaba hacer una reverencia y muy bonitos trabajos.

Claudia 5°A said...

Hello theacher i like the masck

Paola 5ºB said...

Hello teachers

I like the video


Alejandra 5thA said...

Hello teachers!

I llike this video because all the masks are fantastics and there are all differents.

Bye bye
see you tomorrow

Ainara santana 6ºA said...

Hello teacher.
I like this video.
Bye bye.